love your small breasts

Love Your Breasts Series: Small Breasts

love your small breasts

I’m beginning a series today called  “Love Your Breasts” and the first post will be on Small Breasts. I’m hoping to have other contributors for some of the other posts in the series. I’m imagining posts on Large Breasts, Experienced Breasts, Scarred Breasts, Unique Breasts, and whatever else my wonderful readers can relate to and feel passionate about.

I’m starting us off with small breasts because they are near and dear to my heart. Actually they are literally right next door to my heart. 🙂 Let’s chat! Here’s my story.

My Small Breasts Story

So where to start? I have small breasts. However, saying that prompts the question, “What counts as small breasts?” What I call small might be large to another. And what I call big might feel small to someone else. I am a 38B. I always thought of A and B cups as small. But from my extensive reading online it seems that many women with C cups think they have small breasts. And then I’ve had boyfriends tell me that my small breasts are not small. I guess it’s all relative. And it can also become an insidious cup that can never be filled (to use a pun), and hence all the breast implants out there.

Small Breast Beginnnings

When I was younger, having small breasts (and they were smaller then) really bothered me. I was bummed out that I didn’t get ones that were a little larger like my friends. The feeling is really hard to describe, but it’s a little like a sadness that stings, probably similar to grief because it’s out of your control. You can’t go out an buy the ones you want. (Breast implants were not an option nor would I have done it if they were an option. Getting implants seems scary to me, being cut open to put goo-filled plastic inside of your body just so guys can squeeze it. That never seemed worth it to me. I just wanted the real ones to be bigger. Was that too much to ask? I guess it was. 🙂 )

Hope Springs Eternal

For a while I lived in an intermittent hopeful state that maybe larger breasts would develop over time with enough wishful thinking. Funny thing is, having small breasts never kept boys from being interested in me, although from my perspective it felt like I got less attention than other girls. That was probably true, and it probably made my life easier in many ways not having to fend off boob-crazy boys. (Oh, but I would have liked to have done a little more fending off! 🙂 But, I know, I know, there were many benefits, which I’ll get to….)

Small Breast Acceptance

But like with grief, I eventually got to the stage of acceptance. I began to take a different view of my breasts. I realized that they were perfectly big enough for whatever function was needed. And speaking of function, when I gave birth to my son at age 38 I breast fed him and it was like an epiphany in my breast journey. I finally understood what they really were for. They are meant to feed and nourish a baby to health and strength and growth. Wow did that change my thoughts about my breasts.

Function Revelation

Now I thought they were perfect and I had almost zero care what any man thought of them. I knew they were great and at that time I really didn’t want any other mouths trying to get a share of them. They were for my baby. It was work and it was often uncomfortable, but it was so relaxing and worth the discomfort knowing how life-giving they were. My baby exclusively breast fed for about 6 months and there after he would only eat small amounts of real food as he preferred nursing. He nursed until he was a little shy of 3 years old. Of course the last year or so was only at night before going to sleep.

Loving My Small Breasts Today

It’s 10 years later and now I’m back to appreciating breasts for their adult intimacy function. But I don’t worry about the size of them anymore. I figure it makes sense to believe my partner when he tells me he likes them. Why not believe it? Why doubt him? So I can be sad imagining some disappointment that he secretly harbors? That sounds like a really horrible waste of time! So I don’t do it. Life is too short.

I’m choosing joy and happiness and even if it’s delusional I’m choosing to believe that my breasts are perfect. (Just as every woman’s are!) I’m willing to be deluded if it means happiness. I like that choice much better than the alternative.

Benefits of Small Breasts

I would never say any size or type of breast  is better than another, but here are some benefits of small breasts.

  • Makes jogging and exercise easier.
  • Hugging is tighter.
  • Less staring from men when you don’t want it.
  • Easy to hide when you don’t want to look sexy.
  • Less jealousy from other women.
  • Easier to go bra-less.
  • Less likely to sag as much. (but we all will sag eventually! :-))
  • They are very responsive to touch.

I know there’s more. What am I forgetting ladies? Share in the comments below, please!!

Confident Small Breasted Women

I’d like to end by highlighting some women celebrities that have chosen to embrace their small breasts, forgo the lure of breast implants and seemingly take pride in what they’ve been given. I choose to highlight them because I’m able to get pictures of them. If I could I would highlight friends and non-celebrities who do the same in “real life.”

I find it inspiring when women are confident in their bodies, regardless of their size or shape. Skinny, medium or large; small breasted, big breasted; bubble butt, tiny butt or somewhere in between; when a woman walks with “tall” with confidence and with a smile it should give us all the motivation and confidence to do the same. (This is why I love bellydance, because it celebrates all sizes & shapes of women, but that’s a topic for another day…:-) )

Here are some small-breasted women that inspire me because they are not afraid to be just who they are:

Kate Hudson

small breasts kate hudson

Keira Knightly

small breasts keira knightley

Mena Suvari (in American Beauty)

small breasts mena suvari

Claire Danes

small breasts claire danes

Kelly Clarkson

small breasts kelly clarkson

Gwen Stefani

small breasts gwen stefani


small breasts rhianna

Cameron Diaz

small breasts cameron diaz

Jennifer Lopez

small breasts jennifer lopez

Kate Moss

small breasts kate moss

Calista Flockhart

small breasts calista flockhart

And I could go on and on, but I think the point is made here: Although large breasts are beautiful, so are small ones. It’s all in how you carry them, both in your mind and on your chest.

So whether you have small ones or big ones or some other variation, I hope you love your breasts! Life is short, let’s make it sweet and enjoy it!

Who’s next? Let’s celebrate more types of breasts!  

If you’d like to write a post for this series, please send me a message!

Please Share:

What are your thoughts on small breasts? Or even breasts in general? Let’s chat: comments, Twitter, Facebook, G+. Can’t wait to hear from YOU!

 original photo by: wallygrom



7 thoughts on “Love Your Breasts Series: Small Breasts

  1. Breasts are like flowers. Some people like large carnations and some people (me) like miniature carnations. Some people like large roses and some people (me) like miniature roses. What ever you have you cannot please everybody so relax and enjoy whatever you have.


    1. @Larry – Thank you for this kind and helpful comment. I agree we should all enjoy what we have. Releasing the notion of “how we should look” is what we all need to do.
      The longer a person has been focused on what they think they “lack” the longer they must allow themselves to unwind that mental habit and release it.
      But it can be done and your affirming comments are very helpful towards that. Thank you again!


      1. It does not matter what you have. Some people will like them and some people will not. It will only drive you crazy. I think that if someone is liked just because of the size of their breast, (large or small) this is not much of a relationship.
        Just an old white guy venting a little. Peace out!


  2. I don’t care what a women’s breast(s) look like, they are all beautiful. Breasts are naturally non-sexual. Society has made them sexual and in doing so has made them the object of men’s fantacies and sexual desires. I’ve seen lots of women’s breasts and they are all lovely.

    I agree, women’s breasts were created to feed and nourish infant humans. For that, they are made perfect. Religion, Christianity, and.society have made women’s breasts dirty and things that should be covered at all times except, and sometimes even, during sexual relations.

    I applaud any woman who is comfortable with the breasts she has. However, I also applaud those.women who augment their breasts if it is not done for societal reasosn, your man (or woman), or if you are doing it for reconstruction reasons.

    Women (and men) need to be comfortable with their bodies in what ever shape, size, and.condition they happen to be.


    1. @Mark – Thank you for your supportive comments. They go a long way towards helping women with how they feel about their body.

      You bring up an interesting point, this idea that breasts are “dirty.” This is a shame.
      But one step at a time is how we make this journey, right?
      Thanks again!


  3. I laughed when I read you are a B cup. I am approaching 30 years old and I am all nipple. I would be in a training bra now if they made them with a bit more padding. I was able to provide for my children and I guess that is all that matters at this point. If the person I am seeing cant keep his hands off of me then I should be thankful. I loved reading this.


    1. Shannon,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback! It means a lot to me!
      I think you are right in your decision to be thankful. Sexiness and attraction are so much deeper than the look, shape, and feel of our bodies. It’s the person inside. It sounds cliche, but it is so true.

      And that’s why when we start to doubt ourselves, get down on ourselves, or become suspicious (when there’s no reason to be other than our insecurites) that’s when we start to become less attractive to our partner. It’s because it’s really the person inside that is attractive.

      And isn’t it wonderful how breast size has no impact on being able to breast feed! Breasts are so perfect for growing babies into little people! It’s amazing!

      Thanks! Hope to hear from you again in the future!
      PS: Since my site is somewhat new, I’d love to hear how you stumbled upon the site!


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