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Real Women’s Bodies is a site mainly for women who would like to improve their self-image. It is also for men who want to know, understand, and appreciate women for who they are and not just as sex objects.

The goal of this site is to help build a healthy positive image of real women’s bodies in both our collective cultural consciousness and also in each of our minds. Hopefully this site will leave you feeling better about your own body as you begin to see the true beautiful variety of real women’s bodies.

In the Western cultures we constantly see a mainly narrow slice of what real women’s bodies look like. We see women who possess most of these attributes

  • slim
  • toned
  • perfectly proportioned curves
  • tanned skin
  • flat bellies
  • round but smaller bottoms
  • narrow hips
  • round high breasts that are “just right” (whatever that definition is)

There is nothing wrong with having these attributes. They are beautiful, but so are other combinations of body attributes.

Because we only see this small slice of real women’s bodies we have a distorted view of what women in general look like. Through the constant repeating of the same visual image of women in all media, we think that this is “the norm” and how we should look.

When we compare ourselves to this false “norm” we are setting ourselves up for failure. Just as a poodle can never achieve the body of a newfoundland, none of us can be anything other than how we were born.

Yes, we can become our best self, working towards fitness for health. But often the goal of exercise is the pursuit this unattainable standard of body beauty. With this goal, many will “fail” and then give up on exercise. They  lose out on the true benefits of exercise which is a healthier and happier life.

So this site presents to you real women’s bodies. All the parts in their different sizes and shapes.

As you scroll through the images you can click on each one to read each person’s story about their body and how they feel about it.

If you would like to submit your picture and story you can do so here. All pictures are anonymous and there is no commenting on pictures. There is a discussion section of our site where you can share your story or men can share their words of support in general or for their partners- all anonymously.

Thank you for visiting and for your support.