by Ann Sullivan of AnnSullivanGallery.com
by Ann Sullivan of AnnSullivanGallery.com

Who is this site for?

This site is mainly for women to help them see how normal and beautiful they really are.

Why did you create this site?

I came across some other sites about a year before starting this site.  (See below for links) Their message and images made me feel better about my own body. They gave me a better overall picture of what real women look like.  I wanted to help bring that new awareness to other women. I wanted to do things a little differently on this site. I wanted to include all body parts and let women share whatever parts they want.

Are men allowed?

Yes they are. And I see that as a good thing. This is a place where men can see real women, read their stories, and learn to appreciate them as complex and beautiful people with feelings instead of fantasy sex objects.

I want to post my picture, but I’m afraid someone will recognize me.

Only post your picture if you are comfortable. But with that said, all pictures are posted without faces or names. If you have tatoos you could possibly cover them up with makeup temporarily for the photo. Also, when you take your photo be sure to use a neutral backdrop such as a plain wall as opposed to a backdrop in your home that someone might recognize.

I’m concerned/afraid that someone will comment on my picture.

No comments are allowed on individual pictures.

How can I contact RealWomensBodies with more questions?

Click over to our Contact page and you can send us a private email message.

List of sites that have inspired me so far are:


The NU Project

My Body Gallery


The Shape of a Mother

A Beautiful Body Project

Article: Lena Dunham