Share Your Picture and Story

How to Submit Your Photo

Submitting your photo and story is easy and safe because it is anonymous.

All you have to do is fill out the form below.

Why Should You Submit Your Photo and Story?

  • By sharing your story you will be helping other women to see that we are all different and beautiful in our own way.
  • You’ll also be helping yourself by getting in touch with how you feel about your own body. Examining the roots of your body image, how far you have come, and where you’d like to go is healthy and positive.

Does My Picture Really Make a Difference for Others?

Yes! Absolutely!

The “Norm” is not normal. Being different from the American/Western “standard” of body beauty is actually the norm. Averaging all women’s bodies together does not give us a good picture of what real women’s bodies look like. But seeing many women’s real bodies does –  ALL the shapes and sizes they come in, from the small to the tall to the skinny to the in-between and beyond. It gives us all a better sense of the true variety that exists.

That’s Where You Come In

Your picture, your story, and thousands of other women’s pictures and stories help us begin to see this true overall picture of what Real Women’s Bodies look like. You WILL make a difference for someone and it will make a difference for YOU!

Thank you for having the courage to share your picture and your story. You are beautiful just the way you are!

Picture guidelines:

  • No faces. Submissions are to be anonymous.
  • no genitals   Any body part is OK to submit: Genitals or other body parts such as feet or arms or any other part. Please label the body part in the “TAG” section of the form below. I only recently discovered that women are just as insecure about their genitals, anus, feet, arms and more. This is why I have decided to allow these pictures as well. Read this article about cosmetic surgery to learn more about why.
  • You must be 18 or older to share a picture.
  • Only pictures of yourself.
  • Non-enhanced bodies. The thought here is to keep to natural bodies and their natural shape. The goal of this site is to show women’s bodies in their natural state without implants or cosmetic surgery enhancements so that hopefully women who feel insecure about their bodies will come to see how normal they really are and not feel the need for cosmetic surgery. If you have had breasts removed, breast implants removed, or other circumstances that altered your body, please feel welcomed to submit your body. If you feel that I should include a section on “Bodies Changed by Surgery” maybe that would be appropriate. If you have thoughts on this please send me an email via our Contact page. I welcome your input.

Story guidelines

Please share:

  • Things you like about your body. Think about what your body is able to do and how it feels, not just how it looks.
  • Aspects of your body that are insecurities. Confronting them by stating them is the first step to reducing those insecurities.
  • How you feel about your body both past and present and also future goals on how you would like to feel.
  • Include all feelings you have whether good or bad.
  • Where those feelings stem from. What has influenced how you think about your body?
  • Anything else you would like to include.

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