Body Image Posts From Around the Web #2


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OK. So the other day, I had a post with some great body-image posts from around the web. Well I have more! And I really want to share them with you because what they are doing is great for the cause of helping women learn to accept, appreciate and ultimately love themselves.

Here they are: – beautiful body-image photography. The top photo is from her site. Please go take a look. The photo I included here puts body-image into perfect perspective for me. Do you see the love in those children for their mother? How could her body be anything but beautiful?

BEYOU BEAUTY TIP 01: AFFIRMATIONS – excellent body-positive mantras from

Stop Hating Your Body Tumblr and her FAQ’s that are so good too.

EXERCISE CLASSES AND FAT GIRL FREAK OUTS by Jess Baker, The Militant Baker. This is another “wow” article from Jess. She is a real thought and action leader in the field of body-image. And this article shows that she is also a mere mortal like the rest of us. You’ll be moved by this one.

Our Breasts Tumblr – “real” breasts, meaning all the variety you can imagine and then some. You’ll see how being different=being normal. (You can submit photos here too. If you do, maybe you’ll also submit your own anonymous photo here too? 🙂 )

What’s Up with Lena Dunham Celebrating Women’s Bodies? from Word Machine – from their website: “Promoters Of Social Acceptance and Advocates For Compassion and Tolerance Through Social Nudity and Nudism or Naturism. We Are Your Body Image, Sex Positive, Nudist, Naturist & Equality Advocates.”

Please share your thoughts with me! I’m listening….comments, twitter, G+, Facebook. 🙂



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