Let’s Turn This Around: Flipping Body Image Norms


Who decides what is beautiful, desirable, sexy, pleasing? Society, with its compilation of opinions, has one say. NEWSFLASH: You also have a say in defining what is beautiful!

The problem is most of us give up that right. We defer to the societal standard of beauty, compare ourselves and then try to measure up to an ideal that is impossible for most. This leaves us feeling less than fully beautiful.

In Western culture that definition has become a very narrow interpretation of what we humans actually find beautiful, desirable, sexy and pleasing. So what if we took back that power? What if we decided to turn this thing around, to flip our notion of body beauty upside down? 

Western Body Beauty Ideals

What is the current Western standard of body beauty. From what is shown all the time on TV, film, web, and print media it would look something like:

  • tiny frame
  • small waist
  • muscular overall
  • flat stomach (six pack abs)
  • 2 round mound breasts (size? large but not too large that they sag)
  • round bottom, but not too big
  • slim legs

Of course there are some slight variations in this standard and it is always evolving (which is good – maybe we can impact it!!), but this seems to be the current ideal that is served up to us.

Now there are some women who have this type of body naturally and that is wonderful. They are beautiful. But so are the millions and millions of women who don’t have this type of body.

So how can we turn our own views around?

Breaking Down Body Beauty

What is beautiful in a body? Here is what I’ve noticed and maybe you can come up with some more and share in the comments:

  • Simply being naked is beautiful. It is erotic and exciting. 
  • Muscles are beautiful. They imply strength. But they don’t need to be exaggerated to be beautiful. Enough is good enough.
  • Curves and fat are beautiful. Curves everywhere in all forms should be recognized as luscious and good.

How Will You Define Body Beauty Now?

How do and will you define body beauty going forward? Is it all about the body? Is it about the parts or the whole or both? Is it about the qualities of the person?

Everyone has their personal physical preferences, but actually if you think about your current and past lovers, of the ones you loved, how many of them were chosen based on what your physical preferences are? Probably not many. What we are really attracted to is what is inside the person.

Please Share

What are your thoughts on this? Is it possible to make a dent in our cultural standard of body beauty? If so, how?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and in the social networks!

Thank you!

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