Replace the F word with the L word

renoir-pierre-auguste-nude The F word (fat) needs to be replaced with a much better word. The F-word is so damaging and and we use that label all the time in our own mind and in our speech. We judge ourselves and others. And judging others this way reinforces judging ourselves harshly. We need to break free of this negativity. Replacing the F-word (fat) with the L-word will do just that!

The L-Word: Luscious

Why is fat in one place good and in another place bad? Who decides that? We get to decide that for ourselves! So why not exchange those words in our own mind? Replace the word Fat with the word Luscious in all instances. What have we got to lose? That we might actually be happier about our bodies? Is that a sin? A social sin maybe? F that. (Pun intended)  Lets start today on the path of self appreciation for this amazing blessing in our life – our body- and how well it serves us. Lets stop sending negativity to our body and instead send thanks and appreciation.

What Are We Afraid Of?

What would happen if we decided to label ourselves luscious, to label our curves, where ever they may be on our body, luscious? Maybe what prevents us from doing this is another F-word: FEAR.

Maybe we fear:

  1. Society will think we are conceited, arrogant. How dare we love ourselves?
  2. If I love my fat, if I say it is “good” then perhaps I will let myself go. I will become out of control. I won’t exercise. And I will eat until I become Jaba the Hut.
  3. What other fears? Fill yours in here.

Should we fear these?

  1. No. You shouldn’t fear what others think of you loving yourself. Loving yourself is not arrogance or conceit. It is love. It is compassion. It is goodness. What could possibly be wrong with that? Nothing. That’s right. Nothing. Loving yourself is ALL Right, ALL Good. Go for it!
  2. No. You shouldn’t fear this either. In fact the opposite is true. If you truly love and value yourself and your body, you will be far more likely to take care of yourself well. Your anxiety will reduce and you will eat less. You will feel positive about yourself and you will exercise for fitness, not for skinny which is most effective and good for you.
  3. No. Don’t fear anything except fear. Release fear and embrace joy! It is one of the benefits of being alive in this world. It is your choice! Take the happy content path! Why not? (Please note, the times when it is most difficult to choose happiness is usually when you need rest so watch for that and get rest when you need it.)

How to Move Past Fat to Luscious

Think about this today when you judge others and especially when you judge yourself. It’s not Fat. It’s Luscious. Let that be your mantra for today.

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