These are images of real women’s breasts.

By seeing the true variety of sizes and shapes you can begin to see how normal it is to be unique. And your uniqueness is beautiful.

Each image has a story as well. The stories are just as revealing as the images. Reading the self-expression of each woman about her vulnerabilities and strenghts, her life joureny, and her challenges will move you.

You may find yourself thinking, “Wow. I know how that feels.” Or maybe you will feel immense compassion for this woman who is so full of self-doubt. That compassion will likely flow back towards yourself, helping you to be less judgmental of yourself and opening your eyes to how beautiful you really are.

When we see the beauty in others and in ourselves we are more open to receiving and spreading love and kindness in our lives.

Click on any image below to read that woman’s story. If you would like to share your image and story you may submit it here.

Click any image below to read their story.

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These are all the posts in the category “Breasts”

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