Use Stones, Don’t Throw Them

Use Stones Dont Throw Them

This is a guest post by only-mama of the Only-Mama blog.
Hi! I’m Only-Mama from, my blog about struggling to find my way as a single mother and just discovering who I am as a person.  Kris was nice enough to let me take over here today and share my thoughts on body image.  I struggled with what I wanted to say, and wrote about three different blogs that I was unhappy with.  Then, divine inspiration struck in the form of my sinister scale.

If you follow me at, you may have read me ranting about my scale in my posts What Evil Lurks Down the Hall and  The Scale is Evil and Must be Stopped.  I now offer you even more proof of its sinister nature.

I went out with some friends and won a trivia fundraiser, then met up with other friends and danced until all hours of the night. I was enjoying my life and not obsessing about anything. I felt smart and funny and beautiful and fun all in the same evening.  I knew the scale could never stand for that.

When I got home, I weighed myself out of curiosity.  My scale had decided to report my weight in Stones.  Yes, really. The kids weren’t home, and I doubt the cat or dog did much more than sniff the blasted thing, so I really have no explanation, except that it did it itself out of some desire to push me over the edge.


The only other possible explanation is Divine Intervention.

You see, as someone who has been heavy for some years and light for other years, I do keep an eye on my weight.  I don’t want to be a size 14 again, or a size 0 again. I like where I am, more or less, and want to remain within a few pounds of it. Part of how I keep my weight balanced is by knowing which way it is going.  I don’t want to ignore my scale entirely.

Still, that silly number can make my feelings about myself soar or crash. I doubt anyone else can look at me and see the difference one critical pound can make, but the difference in my self esteem between a number that ends in “9” and the next number which ends in “0” is huge.

Weighing myself in stones might be the answer.  If I keep my scale set to stones, I can see if my weight is staying about the same or if it radically changing, but because I am not from England or any other country that uses stones for measurement (what are stones, anyway?) I can observe change without emotion. It could keep me more sane. I’ll let you know how it works out, and meanwhile, share in the comments how you deal with the battle of the scale.

Thanks for letting me blather on!


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