Let’s Talk About Penises, Shall We? – Reprint from Confronting Love


[Feature photo: Richard Carter] This is a Reprint (with Permission) of Let’s Talk About Penises, Shall We? by Carlo Alcos from ConfrontingLove.com. February’s theme at Confronting Love is “Body Image.” Our culture has done enough damage in making us feel ashamed for being born the way we were. It’s time to […] Read more »

Shocking: The Mainstreaming of Cosmetic Surgery and Why You Don’t Need It

You Are Perfect Just the way you are right now

When I first started this site the goal was for women to see lots of different women’s body parts, helping them to realize how normal they are. I thought I would just include breasts, bottoms, bellies, legs, and full body. There was to be no sharing of genitals or anuses. […] Read more »