“Screw the Beauty Standards Created by Marketing Teams:” An Interview with Body-Image Thought Leader Kristen Tsetsi

kristen tsetsi

Today I am interviewing Kristen Tsetsi, who is an author, feature writer, and columnist for a Connecticut newspaper. She recently had two posts on Blogher.com that caught my attention because of how well she articulates our cultural challenges with body-image and also because she offers such a refreshing perspective on […] Read more »

Let’s Talk About Penises, Shall We? – Reprint from Confronting Love


[Feature photo: Richard Carter] This is a Reprint (with Permission) of Let’s Talk About Penises, Shall We? by Carlo Alcos from ConfrontingLove.com. February’s theme at Confronting Love is “Body Image.” Our culture has done enough damage in making us feel ashamed for being born the way we were. It’s time to […] Read more »

The Secret Insecurity of Men

Ares Borghese

It’s hardly ever discussed. Maybe joked about. But the reality is that almost 50% of men are dissatisfied with their bodies, in particular their penises. Because men suffer with their insecuritises secretly, it can grow all the more in their minds. This leads many men to consider plastic surgery to […] Read more »

I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It

Stark Naked Good Men Project

This is a Reprint (with Permission) of the article “I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It” by Noah Brand, Editor-in-Chief of GoodMenProject.com. Thank you Noah for the gift of this article! My body is a testament to high testosterone. I have a body type one sees a lot: male pattern baldness, […] Read more »