How to Have Sex with the Lights On

How to Have Sex with the Lights On

original photo by: half alive – soo zzzz – text boxes added by me I have a guest post over at this week and it’s being featured as an Editor’s Pick! Thank you Blogher! Please, check it out and let me know your thoughts on the topic. And if you like […] Read more »

Use Stones, Don’t Throw Them

Use Stones Dont Throw Them

This is a guest post by only-mama of the Only-Mama blog. Hi! I’m Only-Mama from, my blog about struggling to find my way as a single mother and just discovering who I am as a person.  Kris was nice enough to let me take over here today and share my thoughts […] Read more »

Start Small to Feel Good

the words you think

Feeling bad about your body can really wear on you. When we get dressed or look in the mirror we may develop a habit of picking ourselves apart, critiquing and never giving credit for the good. The insidious part of all this is that this tape continues starts to run […] Read more »

Let’s Turn This Around: Flipping Body Image Norms


Who decides what is beautiful, desirable, sexy, pleasing? Society, with its compilation of opinions, has one say. NEWSFLASH: You also have a say in defining what is beautiful! The problem is most of us give up that right. We defer to the societal standard of beauty, compare ourselves and then try […] Read more »

Replace the F word with the L word


The F word (fat) needs to be replaced with a much better word. The F-word is so damaging and and we use that label all the time in our own mind and in our speech. We judge ourselves and others. And judging others this way reinforces judging ourselves harshly. We […] Read more »

What Is Your Body Image?


We all have an image of our own body and it is often just below the surface of our consciousness. This image may come to our conscious attention when we look in the mirror, get dressed or take a shower, but it is also with us all day long. If […] Read more »

Welcome to Real Women’s Bodies


Welcome to Real Women’s Bodies! This is a site for women to get a more true picture of what real women’s bodies really look like so that they can know how “normal” they truly are. What we consider normal or the standard body is far from normal. In reality normal […] Read more »