The Body Negative


Hellooo, I found your site via body image Google Plus communities. I think it’s really great that people are freely talking more about body image issues. I think it helps here that you are promising anonymity. My feelings rule my life really, and they have done for as long as […] Read more »

Do Nudist Women Wear Make-Up?

nude breasts

I remember very few times since the ripe old age of 13, that I have not worn make-up. I wore it to cover the blemishes. I wore it to enhance the good features. I have worn it because I just felt a lot hotter when I did. So recently, as […] Read more »

My Body Test


This is my story about my body. I have grown to like and appreciate my body especially after having had a baby and seing firsthand what it can do to create and grow a life. So powerful that I now respect and cherish it in a way I never did […] Read more »

My Body


This is my body. I have many feelings about my body. Some are good. Some bad. Read more »

My Tummy


This is my story about my tummy. Sometimes I like it. It feels nice and soft, but sometimes I don’t like how it sticks out. Read more »

Welcome to Real Women’s Bodies


Welcome to Real Women’s Bodies! This is a site for women to get a more true picture of what real women’s bodies really look like so that they can know how “normal” they truly are. What we consider normal or the standard body is far from normal. In reality normal […] Read more »