Short Skirt Day

Chorus line the Soubrettes at the Cremorne Theatre, South Brisbane ca 1944

This is a Guest Post By: Patricia Anderson-Peters. Thank you Patricia! I was recently thinking that the last time anyone saw my legs above the knees was probably by accident. I might have fallen or turned just so, or for all I knew, it could have been that gynecologist appointment […] Read more »

Dying to Be Thin

kathy @ 108 lbs early 80s

Today we have another interview. This time Kristen Tsetsi is the interviewer. (See Kristen’s other interview here.) Kristen’s guest is Kathleen M. Rodgers, an award-winning author whose work has appeared in national and local publications. This intimate interview gives us a window into one woman’s journey into, through, and out of […] Read more »

Mercurial Wild Woman

Mercurial Wild Woman

This is a guest poem post by Patricia Anderson Peters. You can read some of her recent writing at and learn more about her at her website. Follow Patricia on twitter @PSAnderson1.  Please share your thoughts and feelings that this poem inspires in you in the comments below. We’re […] Read more »

Love Your Breasts Series: Big Boobs and Small Boobs

Love Your Breasts Big and Small

I read two great articles today over at Literally, Darling. One was about large breasts and the other was about small breasts. Both talk about the difficulties of each situation. In reading both, hopefully each of us who is thinking the grass is greener next door can take a moment […] Read more »

Love Your Breasts Series: Small Breasts

love your small breasts

I’m beginning a series today called  “Love Your Breasts” and the first post will be on Small Breasts. I’m hoping to have other contributors for some of the other posts in the series. I’m imagining posts on Large Breasts, Experienced Breasts, Scarred Breasts, Unique Breasts, and whatever else my wonderful […] Read more »

“Screw the Beauty Standards Created by Marketing Teams:” An Interview with Body-Image Thought Leader Kristen Tsetsi

kristen tsetsi

Today I am interviewing Kristen Tsetsi, who is an author, feature writer, and columnist for a Connecticut newspaper. She recently had two posts on that caught my attention because of how well she articulates our cultural challenges with body-image and also because she offers such a refreshing perspective on […] Read more »

Let’s Talk About Penises, Shall We? – Reprint from Confronting Love


[Feature photo: Richard Carter] This is a Reprint (with Permission) of Let’s Talk About Penises, Shall We? by Carlo Alcos from February’s theme at Confronting Love is “Body Image.” Our culture has done enough damage in making us feel ashamed for being born the way we were. It’s time to […] Read more »

The Secret Insecurity of Men

Ares Borghese

It’s hardly ever discussed. Maybe joked about. But the reality is that almost 50% of men are dissatisfied with their bodies, in particular their penises. Because men suffer with their insecuritises secretly, it can grow all the more in their minds. This leads many men to consider plastic surgery to […] Read more »