Shocking: The Mainstreaming of Cosmetic Surgery and Why You Don’t Need It

You Are Perfect Just the way you are right now

When I first started this site the goal was for women to see lots of different women’s body parts, helping them to realize how normal they are. I thought I would just include breasts, bottoms, bellies, legs, and full body. There was to be no sharing of genitals or anuses. […] Read more »

My Body Test


This is my story about my body. I have grown to like and appreciate my body especially after having had a baby and seing firsthand what it can do to create and grow a life. So powerful that I now respect and cherish it in a way I never did […] Read more »

Replace the F word with the L word


The F word (fat) needs to be replaced with a much better word. The F-word is so damaging and and we use that label all the time in our own mind and in our speech. We judge ourselves and others. And judging others this way reinforces judging ourselves harshly. We […] Read more »